About Project Photizo

The word 'Phõtizõ' is of greek origin and it means to give out light, to shine or to illuminate. Project Photizo is all about directing people's attention to life's source of light. Not the Sun, but the one who is behind that phenomenon: The Creator and Sustainer of Life. He has proposed to us a way through which we can succesfully seek him and find him: through his Son Jesus. One who gave up his riches and comfort just for the sake of our redemption from the black pool of darkness in which we wallow in. He became the light in our darkness and made a way of exit from our pitiful situation. He offers you a share of this light. We at Project Photizo are bearers of this wonderful light and we want to share it with you. Will you make use of that exit or will you remain were you are? Will you hand him that candle so he could light it up or do you wish to remain in your darkness?

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